ASME Presidents - The Oral History Archives

ASME presidents each devote a very active year leading the Society and our profession, grappling with technical and policy challenges facing industry, academia, government and the public at large. In recognition of their important role charting a course for the Society, ASME has been recording oral histories with its presidents for over 50 years.

In this series, ME Magazine and comb the archive to share some of the highlights.

Waste Combustion ASME Past President Charles O. Velzy ('89/'90) recalls the Society's role in a key environmental study. Read the article | Watch Video clip

The Rise of ASME in Washington ASME Past Presidents Donald E. Marlowe ('69/'70) and Reginald I. Vachon ('03/'04) discuss the Society's expansion into the domain of public policy.
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Glasnost and ASME ASME Past Presidents Richard Rosenberg ('87/'88) and Ernest L. Daman ('88/'89) describe the Society's role in improving relations with Soviet engineers during Glasnost.
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ASME and FIRST ASME Past President Keith B. Thayer ('97/'98) recalls the origins of the Society's involvement with For the Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology.
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The Globalization of ASME Many ASME Past Presidents addressed how the Society might expand its global outreach. These include Donald E. Marlowe ('69/'70), Allen F. Rhodes ('70/'71), Richard G. Folsom ('72/'73), Donald N. Zwiep ('79/'80), Arthur E. Bergles ('90/'91), Nathan H. Hurt ('91/'92), Reginald I. Vachon ('03/'04) and Terry E. Shoup ('06/'07).
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Women in Engineering ASME Past Presidents Sam Y. Zamrik ('07/'08) and Nancy Fitzroy ('86/'87) describe the role and experiences of women in engineering.
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