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Video: Past President Terry Shoup on ASME and Globalization

Video: Past President Terry Shoup on ASME and Globalization

Past President Terry E. Shoup (2006-07) was one of many presidents of the post-war era to believe that ASME had to respond actively and skillfully to the increasing globalization of both the engineering profession and of the world's economy more generally.

As Shoup related it in his Oral History interview, ASME's steps toward international involvement might best be described as a relay, with decisions and initiatives over many years through different ASME presidencies. The result Shoup and his colleagues hoped for? An ASME that recognized and pursued its mission both in the U.S. and globally for the benefit of the engineering profession, the Society's membership, and the wider world. As Shoup says in his oral history, ASME accomplished these goals, and its presidents deserve significant credit for leading the Society in an increasingly interconnected world.

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