Contact/Corresponding Author Instructions

Before submitting an abstract:

  • Set up an account in the WebTool for yourself and for each co-author of the paper.
  • Enter the author information in the official author order of the paper. This order must match the PDF and is picked up for indexing your paper. Post-conference requests to re-order the authors lineup will not be accepted
  • Make sure the name and affiliation you enter for each author is correct, i.e., the author’s legal name, i.e., not a nickname or abbreviation.
  • In cases of hyphenated names, to ensure proper indexing, enter the first/last name in the proper field when creating the account. Initials as surnames are not acceptable. Surnames must be spelled out.
  • Do not use special characters with author names and contact information since they may cause an error that will cause the launch of the copyright signature request message to fail.
  • If author affiliation and contact information pre-populates as you are creating the accounts, you must review and update the information at that time. The information entered populates the copyright agreement.
  • Dual affiliations should not be added to the author’s account.
  • The email address you enter for each author is the address where the copyright form will be sent. Please make sure it is the correct address.
  • Non-contributing authors cannot be added to the account as contact authors.
  • Enter the title of the paper in title case; do not enter in ALL CAPS.
  • Do not use special characters in the title or the abstract.

Before submitting the final paper:

  • Make sure there are no typos in the title of the paper, the author information, and the city and country.
  • Author names and affiliations must match the information as it was entered in the WebTool account.
  • Co-author e-mail addresses are not required for publication. Do not include on the final paper.
  • The order of the authors entered when the account is created must match the final version of the paper
  • Once an author’s name has been entered in the WebTool account or on the paper, it cannot be removed unless the author has been notified and has confirmed agreement with the removal.
  • Remove the word “Draft” from the paper.
  • Check that the paper number is correct.
  • Check that all pages are numbered.
  • Double-check that all figures, graphs, and equations are correct and display properly.
  • Ensure that figures/tables are sized to fit the width of the column/page without flowing into the margins and the space between the columns.
  • Ensure that the formatting meets the requirements laid out in Formatting the Paper.
  • Any grant or funding information is included (if applicable).

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