Supporting Videos


  • Create and upload your video to YouTube:
  • Include the following with your video:
    • Paper title
    • Abstract
    • Keywords
    • Brief description of the video
  • Link to video should not require a password
  • Video privacy can be set as “Unlisted” on YouTube if you wish to preserve privacy until the paper is accepted for final production.
  • The video should be marked as “Public” if it is accepted. 
  • We require the video length to be no longer than 2 minutes
  • We require the video frame size to be standard, as one of the following: HD(1280×720), Full HD (1920×1080)
  • We require the first 2 seconds of the video to have a standard title frame for JMR. See the PowerPoint slide template here.
  • We recommend that authors record a video description voiceover and insert it to the video as an audio track in a synchronous manner. It is OK to make the video completely silent, or with background music. In the case of using background music, the authors must be mindful to use copyright free music in order to be compliant to YouTube publishing standard. 


  • During the final submission of accepted papers, you will have the opportunity to provide the Youtube link to your video.


  • The video will be reviewed by an Associate Editor for the journal.
  • The authors may be asked to make changes and submit a revised video/new link prior to the final decision.
  • The corresponding author will be notified if the video will be included on the JMR YouTube channel. 
  • To provide a video you must confirm:
  • The supporting video is their own material and they have full rights to the material.
The authors’ must confirm permission for ASME to post the supporting material (including video metadata) on the JMR Community Page, J MR website, and/or the J MR YouTube channel

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