Supplemental Material

ASME Journals Digital Submission Tool Guidelines and Information

Supplemental Material

ASME currently supports supplemental material that is required for the comprehension of a Research Paper.

Supplemental Material should be included as a separate section in the PDF submitted for review.

At the time of submission, an author should provide a copy of the supplemental material to the journal Editor for pre-approval.

If the Supplemental Material is approved and the paper is accepted for publication, the files should be sent to the ASME Journal Production Coordinator when the final files are uploaded for production.

If necessary, an ASME Production Coordinator will work with the author to transfer files through an ftp.

The following file types are accepted for Supplemental Material:

  1. Document: pdf, xml; txt; docx; xlsx
  2. Image: jpg; png; gif; tif; tiff; bmp
  3. Video: mpg; mpeg; mov; avi; wmv
  4. Audio: mp3; mp4; wav; au