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Christine Reilley
Managing Director, Publishing
T: 212-591-8486
F: 212-591-7292

Tamiko Fung
Publishing Coordinator

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T: 212-591-7034
F: 212-591-7292

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Christopher Basso
Senior Production Coordinator

  • ASME Open Journal of Engineering

T: 212-591-7081
F: 212-591-7292

Erica Hodge
Production Coordinator

  • Journal of Autonomous Vehicles and Systems
  • Journal of Dynamic Systems, Measurement and Control
  • Journal of Electronic Packaging
  • Journal of Electrochemical Energy Conversion and Storage
  • Journal of Energy Resources and Technology
  • ASME Journal of Engineering and Science in Medical Diagnostics and Therapy
  • Journal of Fluids Engineering
  • Journal of Engineering Materials and Technology
  • ASME Letters in Dynamic Systems and Control
  • Journal of Micro- and Nano-Manufacturing
  • Journal of Nondestructive Evaluation, Diagnostics and Prosgnostics of Engineering Systems
  • Journal of Offshore Mechanics & Arctic Engineering
  • Journal of Solar Energy Engineering
  • ASCE-ASME Journal of Risk and Uncertainty in Engineering Systems Part B: Mechanical Engineering
  • Journal of Tribology
  • Journal of Vibration and Acoustics

T: 212-591-7162
F: 212-591-7292

Jennifer Smith
Production Coordinator

  • Journal of Applied Mechanics
  • Journal of Biomechanical Engineering
  • Journal of Computing and Information Science in Engineering
  • Journal of Computational and Nonlinear Dynamics
  • Journal of Engineering for Gas Turbines and Power
  • Journal of Heat Transfer
  • Journal of Manufacturing Science & Engineering
  • Journal of Mechanical Design
  • Journal of Mechanisms and Robotics
  • Journal of Medical Devices
  • Journal of Nuclear Engineering and Radiation Science
  • Journal of Pressure Vessel Technology
  • Journal of Thermal Science and Engineering Applications
  • Journal of Turbomachinery
  • Journal of Verification, Validation and Uncertainty Quantification

T: 212-591-8361
F: 212-591-7292

Tara Smith
Special Projects Manager

  • Applied Mechanics Reviews
  • Journal of Engineering for Sustainable Buildings and Cities

T: 212-591-7049
F: 212-591-7292

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