Joint Membership Opportunities With ASME

ASME has agreements with many organizations to offer joint membership discounts as well as all the other benefits.

Offers On ASME Membership

Members of these organizations can also join ASME at a discount.

ABCM - The Brazilian Association of Engineering and Mechanical Sciences - is a civil society, of cultural and scientific non-profit nature, founded on April 19, 1975, with forensic headquarters in the city of Rio de Janeiro. ABCM aims to bring together individuals and companies with an interest in the development of Engineering and Mechanical Sciences. ASME offers the Brazilian Association of Engineering and Mechanical Sciences, members a 25% discount off their membership. To join ASME, ABCM must use the code NMABCM, when prompted.

CE - Clube de Engenharia - founded on December 24, 1880, by Conrad Jacob Niemeyer, the Clube de Engenharia (CE) is an institution that brings together engineers and technicians with the aim of providing a democratic space for the discussion of issues related to national development and the technical training of engineers. The members of the Clube de Engenharia are professionals who, in addition to technical knowledge, have the clarity of their social role in building a more egalitarian country, always in defense of national wealth as a good of their citizens, and take pride in being part of a centennial entity that has always made history in the construction of a Brazil for Brazilians. ASME offers the Clube de Engenharia members a 25% discount off their membership. To join ASME, CE members must use the code NMCE, when prompted.

NSBE - National Society of Black Engineers – mission is to increase the number of culturally responsible Black engineers who excel academically, succeed professionally and positively impact the community.

ASME members can join NSBE (National Society of Black Engineers) and get the benefits of membership at a 50% discount through our special joint membership offer.

In order to qualify, you must be a paid member of ASME. For more details on NSBE membership and benefits, visit To join ASME, NSBE members must use the code JTNSBE, when prompted.

SEM (The Society for Experimental Mechanics) is interested in the research and application of engineering measurements and test methods, with the mission to promote and encourage the dissemination of knowledge pertaining to the education, research, and application of experimental mechanics to the determination of materials and system behavior. SEM (The Society for Experimental Mechanics) and ASME have a joint membership available at a 25% discount. Join ASME today.

SHPE (the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers) offers reciprocal membership discounts of 50% off dues. The SHPE member 50% discount is applicable to all member types of the ASME MemberCORE plan (student, early career engineer, and professional), but excludes the MemberLITE plan. To join ASME, SHPE members must use the code JTSHPE, when prompted. Through ASME members will be able to use ASME22 at checkout for 50% off all membership types.

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