Professional Group Membership

ASME is proud to introduce our new Group Membership Program for Professionals!

What is ASME Group Membership?

ASME Professional Group Membership is a great option for companies and academic institutions with at least 10 individuals interested in becoming ASME Professional Members. Your organization simply submits all their member information together in one batch and makes a single payment – it's that easy! Download our ASME Group Membership Flyer to learn more.

How does it work?
An individual in a lead role submits our Group Membership Participation Request Form, and an ASME representative will contact them promptly with options for submitting their new member information, as well as costs and payment options.

What does ASME Group Membership cost?
Group Membership rates are based on the current professional member dues – with these special Group discounts: 25% off the first year for new members and 10% off for renewing members. (Example: $158 US current professional dues x 10 joiners = $1,580 less 25% the first-year new members – a savings of $395!) Certain countries are eligible for a discount of up to 50%, check here to see if this applies to your organization.

Why should your organization participate?
ASME Group Membership is a win-win for both your engineering and technology related employees and your company or academic institution.

Here are just a few of the benefits eligible for Professional Group members:

  • Monthly subscription to Mechanical Engineering magazine
  • ASME SmartBrief daily summaries of essential engineering news
  • ASME Job Board + Career Center exclusively for engineers
  • AccessEngineering online reference tool with 750+ volumes on all engineering disciplines
  • Access to the latest developments with ASME’s Technical Divisions
  • Discounts on ASME conferences, courses, and publications, plus insurance, merchandise and more
  • ASME Mentoring Program
  • Local Section events and activities
  • Networking opportunities in person and online

Click here to view a list of all benefits for Professional members.

Group member company and institution advantages include:

  • Opportunity to enroll all of your eligible staff as ASME members in one batch
  • Convenience of making a single annual payment vs. individual reimbursements
  • Satisfaction knowing all of your relevant staff have access to ASME’s exclusive benefits
  • Increased collaboration within your team or department through knowledge sharing
  • Promoting a culture of innovation
  • Demonstrating your commitment to the practice of multidisciplinary engineering
  • Helping your staff hone their skills with access to technical resources, training, conferences and events
  • Significant savings as Group Membership program participants

If your company or academic institution is interested in participating, the first step is for an individual in a lead role at your organization to download and submit our brief Group Membership Participation Request Form, and an ASME representative will contact them promptly.

To get started, simply download and submit our Group Membership Participation Request Form today!


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