Congressional Visits Training Webinar


This webinar provides an overview on how to conduct virtual visits with congressional offices for ASME members. Thank you for registering to participate in these grassroots congressional visits in conjunction with ASME Policy Impact 2022! The webinar presentation covers: 

  • An overview of ASME’s public policy programs
  • Tips for conducting successful meetings with your elected representatives
  • Preview of the ASME congressional visits portal and resource page


Lester Su, Ph.D., Sr. VP-Elect of ASME's Public Affairs and Outreach (PAO) Sector; Stanford University
Lester Su, Ph.D., is a Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering at Stanford University and the Senior Vice President of ASME's Public Affairs and Outreach (PAO) Sector. He was an ASME Congressional Fellow in 2000-2001 and has remained involved with ASME’s policy activities since that time. Lester's technical interests are in energy systems, fluid mechanics, and combustion, while his policy interests center on federal research funding, STEM education, and workforce development issues.

Date of recording: May 6, 2022

Duration: 28 minutes

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