Code Cases

In the event there is an urgent need for alternative rules concerning materials, construction, or in-service inspection activities not covered by existing Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code (BPVC) rules, or for early implementation of an approved code revision, ASME may issue a code case. Code cases are effective immediately upon ASME approval and do not expire. Approved, but not yet printed code cases can be found in hte BPVC Code Case Search.

Requests for Code Cases

Requests for code cases shall provide a Statement of Need and Background Information. The urgency of the code case must be defined and it must be confirmed that the request is in connection with equipment that will be ASME stamped, with the exception of Section IX applications. The proposed code case should identify the BPVC section and division, and be written as a Question and a Reply in the same format as existing code cases. Requests for code cases should also indicate the applicable BPVC editions and addenda (if appicable) to which the proposed code case applies.

Requests for code cases shall be submitted as noted in the Submittal of Technical Inquiries to the Boiler and Pressure Vessel Standards Committees section seen within each of the BPVC publications.

Approved Code Cases

Approved code cases are published in two categories: Boiler and Pressure Vessels (CC-BPV) and Nuclear (CC-NUC). Users may purchase individual code cases at any time, using the Use of ASME Copyrighted Information service. Or they may subscribe to receive full sets of code cases (CC-BPV or CC-NUC) as they are published for the duration of that BPVC edition's cycle with updates supplied in seven supplements.

In addition to the full sets of code cases, cases can also be purchased in compilations aligned to specific sections of the BPVC. These compilations include all associated code cases through Supplement 4. Compilations are offered for the following sections, Section I, "Power Boilers"; Section IV, "Heating Boilers"; Section VIII, Divisions 1, 2, and 3 "Pressure Vessels"; Section III, Divisions 1, 2, 3, and 5 "Construction of Nuclear Facility Components"; and Section XI, Divisions 1 and 2 "Rules for Inservice Inspection of Nuclear Power Plant Components"

Indexes of Current Printed Code Cases

2019 Boiler and Pressure Vessel (BPV) Code Case Indexes (Supplement 4)

2019 Nuclear (NUC) Code Case Indexes (Supplement 4)


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