QRO - Certification for Municipal Solid Waste Combustion Facilities Operator


The ASME QRO Certification Program is intended for individuals that combust Municipal Solid Waste (MSW). It is based on the ASME QRO-1-2005 Standard for the Qualification and Certification of Resource Recovery Facility Operators. This program consists of three different levels of certification: Provisional, Site Specific Operator and Combustion System Operator.

ASME-PC Connect is an on-line application and credential management system, with an easy to use interface that will guide the individual through the various stages from ‘applicant’, to ‘candidate’ and ultimately the possibility of becoming a ‘certificate holder’. View the ASME-PC Connect (QRO user manual) for instructions on how to use the system.

Please use the ‘Find Certificate Holder’ button under the Certificate Holder Search area on the ASME-PC Connect screen.  Then using the instructions on the screen, one would be able to see the status regarding a certified individual.

Email is the primary channel of communication, please ensure your email system is cleared to receive emails from asme-pcconnect@learningbuilder.com.

For facilities with heat recovery

ASME QRO Operator Certification provides the means to comply with the requirements of 40CFR60.54b (Standards for municipal waste combustor operator training and certification) when there is no state certification program. The regulations require that Shift Supervisors and Chief Facility Operators first attain QRO Provisional Certification and subsequently attain full Operator level QRO certification.

  • QRO Provisional certification is the first step toward achieving full Operator certification. This level is equally applicable to Shift Supervisors and Chief Facility Operators. In order to attain this certification, the applicant must meet the eligibility requirements and pass a written multiple-choice examination (Provisional Examination). Provisional certification is not facility specific.
  • Operator certification (full certification) applies to a specific facility. The applicant is required to be the holder of a valid Provisional certificate and document six months of satisfactory employment in the capacity of Shift Supervisor or Chief Facility Operator at the specific facility and pass an oral examination.

For facilities that combust municipal solid waste without heat recovery

Combustion System Operator Certification is intended for facilities that combust municipal solid waste without heat recovery. In order to attain Combustion System Operator certification, the applicant must meet the eligibility requirements and pass a written multiple choice examination (Combustion Examination). Combustion System Operator certification is not facility specific, nor is it a prerequisite, or substitute for any other QRO certification.

For a complete overview of this program, please review the Applicant Information brochure.

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