Application Procedures

  • The preliminary application must address the following:
    • Specific person or persons to be honored
    • Specific item created or improved and its nature (e.g., device)
    • Type of commercial transportation affected (e.g., land)
    • How the item “advanced the state of the art of transportation” (e.g., economics)
    • Why that enhancement is “distinguished”
    • Specific engineering contribution made by the specific person
    • Why that engineering contribution is “distinguished”
    • How that engineering achievement has been “through application, proved in actual service” (e.g., when, where)
  • If the preliminary application is approved by the Sperry Board of Award, the nominator is asked to conceptual award booklet for the nominee. The booklets should be modelled after the booklets shown for past award recipients in this website.
  • A majority of the members of the Board must vote in favor of the selection. Each of the participating societies must be represented by one duly appointed Board member during the selection.
  • Applications should be sent to:

Sperry Board of Award
c/o David Soukup, Secretary
ASME 2 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10016

For further information: 1.212.591.7397

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