Qualifications Category


Acknowledged force behind the invention and/or design of products, systems or facilities considered as significant. The significance may derive from one or more of the following: scale of the accomplishment, uniqueness of the accomplishment, degree to which the state of the art is advanced, the quantity and quality of designs produced, utility of the designs produced or the value to society of the product, system or facility. If the work is part of a group effort, it must be shown that the candidate was a driving force, key participant, or recognized leader of the group and that his or her role significantly contributed to the success of the design effort.

Engineering Product Application:

Acknowledged contribution(s) to the areas of operations, design, or research accomplished by identifying technical needs and assisting in translating these needs into a technical product or service meeting the needs. Should be an acknowledged expert in the technical aspects of the product or service and should show a high degree of dedication to educating both clients and the technical work force of his/her own company in application of the product or service. Individual can be selected on the basis of advancing the state of the art through introduction of the product or service into a new area of application or on the basis of making a major improvement in existing technology by introduction of a new product or service.

Research and Development:

Generally accepted as having made noteworthy invention, discovery or advancement in the state of the art as evidenced by publication of widely accepted materials, by receipt of major patents, or by having products or processes in the marketplace.

The accomplishment can be a single contribution of extreme importance for an accumulation of smaller contributions that have led to the development of a body of knowledge in a field of engineering practice.


Recognized contributions to the development and implementation of new and innovative academic programs. Clearly demonstrated leadership roles in curriculum development, teaching, research and/or administration. Has received documented formal recognition from students and colleagues as an outstanding teacher. Established international reputation and publication record in teaching and research. Has led or played a significant role in the development of academic excellence within a department, school, college or university that has been recognized nationally for its accomplishments. Has demonstrated leadership roles among department heads, deans and academic vice presidents at the national and/or international level.

Project Management:

Leader of a technical group or project team typically employing 5 or more engineers and/or scientists engaged in multidisciplinary projects or programs. These projects or programs may include major construction projects, new product development, industry and/or government sponsored research programs, or startup and operation of major industrial facilities or processes. The group must have produced results that are professionally recognized as important in that field of endeavor, or must have produced results leading to rapid growth in a new field or in growth of the parent organization. The group must have operated at a high level of professionalism.

The leader must be recognized for innovative approaches and the ability to accomplish difficult tasks, or for groundbreaking work in organizational development or motivation.

Industrial Leadership/Management:

An executive or top-level manager, who has achieved national or international prominence as a leader, innovator, and spokesman for his or her particular industry. Must have a documented history of successful major accomplishments in management that have contributed to the growth and success of the company, products, or services he or she managed. Should have received recognition for significant engineering achievement.

Leadership in the Engineering Profession:

Significant and sustained contributions to the engineering profession, including leadership in professional society activities, receiving peer distinction, including honors and awards or other recognition regarding specific contributions to the individual's profession.

Codes & Standards:

Recognized by peers as having extraordinary technical knowledge in the activity of the code committees and as having utilized this knowledge to further the activity of the committee in developing a new code or standard, in making a major revision to an existing one, in initiating an important procedural change in applying new or existing codes or standards; or is recognized by peers as a forward-thinking individual who has identified and promoted the development of codes or standards for emerging technologies. Minimum of 10 years of active service on Codes and Standards committees. In all committee work has demonstrated exemplary dedication to protection of the public safety and to the convenience of consumers.


Individuals selected must be nationally or internationally recognized leaders with a record of letters, speeches, articles, testimony, and/or sponsored legislation, promoting the art and science of engineering and the benefits of technology.

Accomplishments should show evidence of dedication to the furtherance of the engineering profession by positively influencing governmental legislation, regulations or policies that are technology related or affect the practice of engineering. Promoting public service in the engineering community, as well as a public awareness of the importance of engineering in meeting societal needs, are also important considerations.

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