Check List


A. Sponsors

  • Are the 3 sponsor letters and nominator's letter attached (including authors'/ names, addresses and ASME Grade of Membership and your own initiator letter)?
  • Are at least 2 of the 3 sponsors, plus the nominator, ASME Members or Fellows?
  • No more than one letter should come from the nominee’s organization. 
  • Have sponsors been selected because they are truly aware of the candidate's engineering achievements?
  • Do letters give specific, tangible, and verifiable evidence to support significant engineering contributions for each of the selected Qualification Categories?
  • Have sponsor letters been addressed to the Committee of Past Presidents?

B. Qualification Categories

  • Did you include a written 1-2 page separate document outlining the Qualification Categories? You must choose at least one of the five on the application form.

C. Professional Record or Resume

  • Does the Professional Record/Resume specifically address significant engineering accomplishments rather than merely list positions and titles held?
  • Is a supplementary Professional Record/Resume needed to assure that the candidate's accomplishments are thoroughly presented?
  • Does the Professional Record/Resume cover accomplishments up to the present date?
  • Is the extent of the candidate's involvement specifically presented: e.g., in conception, execution, management, development, etc.?
  • Have all requests for information been either fully supplied, or, if not is an applicable, reasonable explanation given?
  • If any publications or books written by the nominee are instrumental in the advancement of technology, has the importance of the publication(s) been declared? With a MAXIMUM OF TEN PUBLICATIONS.
  • It is not necessary to attach complete individual patent presentations, but is a complete listing of titles (subjects), serial numbers and dates included?
  • Are the contributions to Engineering Profession (including ASME) and public service activities listed?

Initiator's Final Check List

To ensure your Fellow proposal meets the Fellow Review Committee and the Committee of Past Presidents approval, please review the important requirements listed below.

  • Did you include 3 sponsor letters plus your letter?
  • Are at least 2 of the 3 sponsors ASME Members or Fellows?
  • The sponsor letters and the candidate's Professional Record are an important part of the application process.
  • Did you choose a qualification category?
  • The nomination package must be completely filled out. Incomplete nominations will be returned for consideration at the subsequent review session.

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