#73 Turbinia


World's first turbine-driven ship

The Turbinia was the world's first turbine-driven ship. It attracted worldwide attention at the 1897 Spithead Naval Review by traveling more than 34 knots. This remarkable performance accelerated the acceptance of the steam turbine as an alternative to the steam reciprocating engine on ships as well as for central electric light and power stations. Sir Charles A. Parsons (1854-1931) invented (1884), developed, and promoted the steam turbine, as well as the design of the Turbinia. For this, he is considered among the outstanding technological innovators of all time.


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Landmark Location

Tyne and Wear Museums Service
Blandford House, Blandford Sq.
Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England, Z9 NE14JA

Ceremony Notes

May 1982


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