#276 Standardized Steam Property Tables


Vital, invaluable compilations of vast data on thermodynamic and other properties of steam and water.

Not a perfect gas, steam does not fit into ideal gas laws, nor is there a simple formula of calculating its properties over a wide range of conditions. Recognizing the need for standardization in steam property tables (which were published worldwide, but with vast differences in the calculations), ASME formed a research committee on the thermal properties of steam in 1921.

Differences in steam property tables published by engineers and researchers around the world soon led to the subsequent adoption by the international community later in the decade. In the mid-20th century, ASME revitalized its dormant Research Commitee on the Properties of Steam to develop a new set of tables and to extend its range to include higher pressures and temperatures.

Ultimately, the compilation of standardized steam properties has moved from printed tables to computer software.

The work of the original committee continues to this day. Tables are utilized by engineers in industry, particularly in electric power.


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December 2021

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