#268 Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory


Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory

Since it’s founding in 1951 by Princeton University professor Lyman Spitzer, the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL) has been home to many research efforts of note, including Dr. Spitzer’s development of the stellarator, which confines plasmas to a figure-eight shaped tube with the use of external magnets.

This development, marking the beginning of magnetic fusion at Princeton, as well others exploratory achievements made in the quest to develop controlled fusion reactions, placed PPPL at the forefront of the world’s fusion energy research.

Among the energy devices that were built at PPPL for fusion energy include the National Spherical Torus Experient Upgrade (NSTX-U) and spherical tokamaks, which use strong magnetic fields to contain ultra-high temperature hydrogen isotopes to produce energy.

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Landmark Location

Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
P.O. Box 451
(100 Stellarator Road)
Princeton, NJ 08540

Visiting Info

By Appointment Only.
(609) 243-2000

Ceremony Date

Oct. 5, 2018. Plaque presented by ASME Past President Richard Simmons

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