ASME Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Toolkit

A Message from the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Strategy Committee

ASME Colleagues,

Your efforts as volunteers are what makes the ASME community so vibrant. ASME respects and celebrates the diversity of our members, and those differences form the backbone of our organization.

ASME seeks to ensure all members feel welcomed and included in the ASME community, to include ASME members of all backgrounds in all volunteer roles, and to provide a culture of respect and courtesy. We encourage ongoing dialogue that will inspire all members to bring these values to their personal and professional interactions.

In the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Toolkit, we have assembled a collection of resources to enhance DEI. Along with your collaborations with professional staff at ASME, we hope the DEI Toolkit will support your amazing work!

Jennifer Cooper, P.E.
Chair, DEI Strategy Committee





Tips for Inclusive and Accessible Meetings

These tips will help you plan effective meetings that are welcoming and accessible to all.

Using Rubrics to Create Fair Assessment Processes

Using a rubrics will make evaluations more consistent and fair by ensuring that evaluations are done using a common set of criteria and scale.

Succession Management Plan

This is a guide to create a deliberate and inclusive succession plan.

How to Be an Ally Tip Sheet

This tip sheet will help you understand what allyship is and how you can be an ally.


Guide for Reducing Bias in Language

A resource to help ASME members communicate more effectively to a wide variety of audiences.


Social Media Guide

This guide will help you use social media to spread a message of diversity, equity, and inclusion, and interact with others talking about these topics in our field.


Rules of Engagement for Meetings

This slide suggests some ground rules for inclusive meetings.



DEI Moments

Starting a meeting with a DEI Moment is a simple but effective way of creating a structured space for safe conversations about diversity, equity, and inclusion. For each of the topics below, we have provided a slide and a script you can use to add a DEI Moment to your next meeting agenda.


We welcome your suggestions on the DEI Toolkit and we would like to hear how you are using it in your ASME unit. Email if you have feedback to share.


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