Unconventional Engineering

A new podcast from ASME

Hosted by Emmy Award winning broadcaster Roy Firestone and Tom Costabile, ASME’s Executive Director and CEO

In Unconventional Engineering, Roy and Tom interview guests from across the world of mechanical engineering to interesting and unconventional ways they are using their skills to solve real world problems and advance engineering for the benefit of humanity.

In this episode, Roy and Tom are on quest to find out just how creative robots can be. They interview roboticist Hod Lipson, a professor of engineering and data science at Columbia University and director of Creative Machines Lab, who designs and builds robots that do what you least expect robots to do: self-replicate, self-reflect, ask questions and even be creative.

Listen to the full episode of Unconventional Engineering to learn if robots really can learn to love. It can be heard on iTunes, Spotify, Google, Audible or Soundcloud.

Episode 2 - Hod Lipson

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