Podcast Series: ASME Today & Tomorrow®

Welcome to ASME’s new podcast, ASME Today & Tomorrow®, which aims to provide an engaging new way to keep the ASME family connected and up-to-date on a wide variety of topics of interest to the ASME community around the world.

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Episode 27 – Education, Experience and Examination: The Importance of P.E. Licensure


In order to earn the title “Professional Engineer” and with it the right to append the initials “P.E.” after one’s name, an engineer must demonstrate success in three areas, known as “the three E’s”: Education, Experience and Examination. In this episode of ASME Today & Tomorrow, Tom Costabile sat down with Dave Soukup -- who is ASME’s Managing Director of Governance, a P.E. himself, and an ASME Fellow to boot -- to learn more about the significance of that “P.E.” title and why professional licensure can make such an important difference in a mechanical engineering career.

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