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Edward McCarthy

GeoTol, Inc.

Edward McCarthy has 48 years of industry experience in product definition and technical data packaging.  In 2017, he started providing services to industry in consulting, monitoring, and formal training for product definition and design intent.

Ed started his career with the U.S. Air Force Communication Command within an Engineering Squadron in the development of military engineering programs.  He has a broad range of industries experiences in product design for the Dept. of Defense (DoD) projects, aerospace, expandable space-stations, electron beam accelerators, product handling equipment, high speed winders, semiconductor robotics, laser imaging systems, linear accelerator systems, medical, weapons and missile systems.

Ed specialized as an internal subject matter expert and taught formal classes across the above referenced industries dealing with dimensioning and tolerancing for product definition, tolerance analysis, measurement reporting and inspection.  Ed has trained thousands of professionals in Print Reading, Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T), Geometric Tolerancing Applications, and Tolerance Analysis.  He has developed specialized training material in dimensioning and tolerancing within the different companies at which he was employed at.

Ed is Senior Level GDTP certified to ASME Y14.5.2 and is an active member of the following committees related to GD&T:

  • ASME Y14 Main Committee Member – Engineering Product Definition and Related Documentation Practices 
  • ASME Y14.5 Co-Vice Chair – Dimensioning and Tolerancing 
  • ASME Y14.8 Committee Member – Castings, Forgings, and Molded Parts
  • ASME Y14.39 Committee Member – Limits and Fits 
  • ASME Y14.43 Committee Member – Dimensioning and Tolerancing Principles for Gages and Fixtures
  • ASME Y14.45 Committee Member – Measurement Data Reporting 

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