Robotics Special Report: August 2020

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Automation for Agriculture: Bringing More Efficiency to the Farm

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Agriculture has been slow to adopt the automation revolution that is transforming industries. But some high-tech companies are entering the field, aiming to replace the farmer in the tractor cab with a precision-guided robot. Some of the leaders in agricultural automation and discover how these new tools could change the way we eat.


Video: Farm Robotics and Automation to Reduce Risk

Several new technology areas, such as greenhouse farming and IoT-powered automation equipment, are part of an automation tech wave taking hold of the agriculture industry. This future of automation and robotics in the agriculture industry will help reduce labor and production costs and mitigate risk.


Feature: Automating the Risk Out of Farming

The farming and agriculture industry has its fair share of problems over the last decade and the COVID-19 pandemic has heightened them more. In response, the industry has turned to automation as a solution. By introducing both flexibility and stability, automation can reduce waste and overcome labor shortages in the agriculture industry.


The Future of Automation and IoT in Dairy Farming


In this episode of ASME TechCast, Chad Huyser, North America president of Lely International, talks about the future of automation and IoT in agriculture and dairy farming, and how farmers responded to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Sponsored Content: Simple, Sophisticated Automation for Produce Packaging

Packaging operations continue to embrace automation as a way to reduce labor costs and workplace injuries while improving the efficiency and quality of packaged goods. One area ripe for increased automation are operations that package or process produce. These facilities can reap immediate benefits from a type of automation based on long-travel Cartesian robots with custom end-of-arm tooling and advanced sensing capabilities.



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