Manufacturing Special Report: October 2018

Mechanical Engineering magazine Special Reports are a multimedia series designed to provide impactful market intelligence for today’s strategic decision makers and technology leaders.

Each Special Report is a deep dive into one of the key technology issues in today’s emerging industries, backed up with both data and industry experience.

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Why Metal Additive Manufacturing Will Change Your Business

White Paper

Additive manufacturing (AM) is crossing the bridge from prototyping to industrial production. This white paper written by well-known industry expert Terry Wohlers, President of Wohlers Associates, focuses on four specific themes: low-volume and customized parts; improved performance; part consolidation and optimization; and supply chain.

Video: The Future of AM in Industrial Production

AM today is rapidly bridging the gap between design validation to actual production. In this multi-part video series, industry experts discuss the factors converging to make AM more production-friendly and how this technology will continue to impact industrial manufacturing.


Cover Story: Chain Reaction

From parts to services, additive manufacturing is disrupting business models and transforming supply chains.


Before You Design for Additive Manufacturing, Check Your Mindset

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Don’t make the mistake of thinking that what worked for traditional production will allow you to get the most from additive manufacturing. You must adopt a new mindset and come at common design problems differently.


Reducing Cost of Replacement Parts with 3-D Printing

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By integrating additive manufacturing technology into their workflow, an S&P 500 company eliminated the need for complex warehousing and slashed costs by 12x and lead times by 20x on low-volume replacement parts.


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