Energy Special Report: June 2018

Mechanical Engineering magazine Special Reports are a multimedia series designed to provide impactful market intelligence for today’s strategic decision makers and technology leaders.

Each Special Report is a deep dive into one of the key technology issues in today’s emerging industries, backed up with both data and industry experience.


Clean Energy: Taking on the Duck Curve

White Paper

Renewable energy is disrupting the electric industry as it generates some of the lowest-cost electricity on the grid. But the intermittent nature of solar and wind power makes it difficult for utility operators to manage, since it can sometimes cut out just as demand is surging. In this Special Report, find out what power utilities need to better handle the peaks and valleys of renewable energy.


Video: Integrating Renewable Electricity on the Grid

Maintaining grid stability is a challenge as utilities rush to add renewable power to their generating portfolio. In this multi-part video series learn about the new approaches grid operators are taking to seamlessly integrate their output into the system.


Energy Storage Smooths the Duck Curve

As solar energy becomes a bigger piece of the electric generation pie, utilities are grappling with the challenge of putting gigawatts of power online every afternoon.


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