Mechanical Engineering Magazine Emerging Technology Awards 2019


Every year, the editors of Mechanical Engineering magazine consider dozens of recent innovations in each of five core engineering fields–clean energy, bioengineering, advanced manufacturing, robotics, and pressure technology. From this search, the editors select five ascending technologies that have left the research and development phase and now look poised to transform their fields. We celebrate those technologies and the innovators behind them with the Emerging Technology Awards. Below you can read about the five winners of the 2019 awards and listen to a podcast celebrating these innovators and their groundbreaking innovations.


Introduction: Innovation from Anywhere

The five technologies honored this year have successfully moved from the lab to the cusp of commercialization.

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Robotics: Rolling in to Save the Day

Shark Robotics' Colossus firefighting robot helped preserve Notre Dame.

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Pressure Technology: Withstanding Pressure in Any Shape

Lattice Technology redefines what a pressure vessel can look like.

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Clean Energy: Cutting the EV Charging Chord

Momentum Dynamics's inductive charging system allows EVs to recharge just by parking in the right spot.

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Manufacturing: Producing Parts Cooler and Faster

MBFZ toolcraft combines conformal cooling with topology optimization in an efficient mold.

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Bioengineering: Printing Medical Scans

3D Systems' on-demand anatomical modeling could be a game changer for presurgical planning.

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