Getting Started: How to Prepare for your First Class

4 steps for a successful ASME Virtual Classroom

Congratulations! You are enrolled in your ASME Virtual Classroom.

To set yourself up for success, follow these 4 simple steps:

1. Watch this 2-minute video

2. Log in to your Course

• Browse to (on a laptop or desktop, not smartphone)
• Enter your email address and ASME Password
• Under Upcoming Sessions, you will see the list of all live sessions of your course
• Once you click on one of the live sessions, you will see a tab for Content where you can access all courses material


3. Watch this Quick Tutorial

Learn ASME Virtual Classroom best practices and basic Zoom controls to help optimize your learning experience.

4. Test Zoom

Join a test meeting with to make sure Zoom is working properly on your device.

Click here to test Zoom.




Familiarize yourself with the following:

Turn off / turn on microphone - adjust audio settings

Turn off / turn on video - adjust video settings

Click the 'Chat' button chat and notice the drop-down menu to select the entire class or just certain individuals

Click the 'Participants' button and use the 'raise hand' button

Click the 'Participants' button and use a nonverbal feedback icon (e.g. Yes/No, Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down)

Change your display name by selecting 'Rename' from the drop-down menu on the top right corner of your video

15 Minutes Before Your Course Starts...

Go to your course and select the drop down to select today's session date

Click the button that says "join the webinar"

If you see a message that says "Please wait for the host to start the meeting" - be patient, your instructor will arrive soon!

That's it. You’re ready to start learning!

If you experience tech issues:

Check out our FAQs page here or head over to Zoom’s comprehensive help center.


Each class has an ASME moderator who will do their best to assist you if you experience tech issues during class. You may reach out to them via the Zoom chat or by emailing

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