DigEtalk - The Future of Digital Standards with a VVUQ 40 Medical Case Study

December 01 12:00PM - December 01 1:00PM, 2022

01 December 12:00 - 01 December 1:00, 2022

Thursday - Thursday


The DigEtalk webinar series will be a 60-minute webinar on a variety of digitalization topics which should be inclusive of two or more industry sectors as they relate to the individual topics. The webinars will be delivered on the LinkedIn Platform in association with the TEC Council LinkedIn page. It is important to keep speakers and panels global, diverse, and inclusive. All talk details will be reviewed by members of ASME’s office of strategy and innovation and specific release forms are required from all speakers so please note the deadlines below.

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Interoperability and machine readability of technical information are critical. However, implementing standards can be time-consuming and verification of requirements can become error prone, leading to quality problems and rework. We will demonstrate progress towards populating Digital Models with XSB SWISS requirements extraction. Additionally, Ansys recently developed a template-based, end-to-end workflow guiding users through the ASME VVUQ 40 standard procedure in a stepwise fashion, establishing a digital thread for computational modeling data.

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