Student Paper Competition (Best Paper) Award

ASME Unit: Noise Control and Acoustics Division (NCAD)
Date Established: 1994
Achievement: Best Student Paper presented at the IMECE
Limitations: Students must be BS/MS level
Nomination Deadline: 9/1
Form of Award: $1000.00
Frequency of Award: Annual
Administrative: NCA Division
Level of Award: Division
Selected By: Executive Committee (Panel)
Selecting Process: Review of paper and presentation. There generally is not just a single award given, but multiple acknowledgements with a tiered distribution of travel funds provided by the Executive Committee.
Funding: Division's Custodial Account
Date Created: 10/18/2000

Winners of the Student Paper Competition (Best Paper) Award

2019 Chang Liu, Northern University
2018 Daming Chen, University of Maryland
2017 No award (no submittals)
2016 Plinio Pinto "Development and Validation of an in-situ Utility pole Model for Vibration Based Non-Destructive Testing"
2015 Philip Feurtado "Experimental analysis of vibration and radiated sound power reduction using an array of acoustic black hole"
2014 Xiujuan Zhang "Semi-Dirac points in phononic crystals" (IMECE2014-37421)
2013 Brian Bernard "Energy Absorption in a 1D Array of Axially Aligned Pendulums with Linear Torsional Coupling."
2012 Adrian Harwood "Numerical Evaluation of the Compact Green'/s Function for the Solution of Acoustic Flows."
2011 Dion Antao, "Experimental and Numerical Characterization of an Orifice type Cryogenic Pulse Tube Refrigerator" (IMECE2011-65027)
2010 Kyle R. Wilt, "Mechanical Design Implications on Power Transfer through Thick Metallic Barriers using Piezoelectric Transducers" (IMECE2010 -38671)
2009 Na Zhu, "Track and Trace Multiple Incoherent Sound Sources in 3D Space in Real Time"
2008 Krista Michalis, "Prediction and Modification of Broadband Interior Noise in Enclosures Using Energy-Intensity BEM and Absorption Scaling"
1999 Kesho Leach, Sean F. Wu
1998 Patricia L. Driesch
1997 Corrie J. Derenburger
1996 Michael G. McAleenan
1995 Donna Rudge

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