Service Recognition

ASME Unit: Nuclear Engineering Division (NED)
Date Established: 1985
Achievement: Outstanding service to the ASME Nuclear Engineering Division for efforts on: (1) the executive, administrator, technical committees; (2) liaison work; or (3) other significant efforts.
Limitations: Recipient must be a member of the ASME Nuclear Engineering Division.
Nomination Deadline: 6/10
Form of Award: Certificate and/or plaque
Frequency of Award: Annual
Administrative: Nuclear Engineering Division
Level of Award: Division
Selected By: Executive Committee
Selecting Process: Consensus Review
Funding: NED Custodian Funds
Date Created: 10/8/2000
Date Modified: 11/19/2009

Winners of the Service Recognition

1983S. L. Rosen
1983H. D. Nachbar
1983B. D. Ziels
1984W. E. McCown
1984R. S. Smith
1984L. D. Rucker
1984L. A. Reiter
1984M. D. Berstein
1984K. L. Adler
1984C. S. Ehrman
1984J. A. Mayer
1985B. R. Shelton
1986J. Susnir
1986R. S. Smith
1986W. M. Gajewski
1986S. R. Penfield
1986S. J. Basham
1986R. Steen
1986L. Conradi
1993Edward W. Russell

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