Richard Skalak Award

ASME Unit: Bioengineering Division (BED)
Date Established: 1989
Achievement: Best paper published in Journal of Biomechanical Engineering
Nomination Deadline: 5/1
Form of Award:
Frequency of Award: Annual
Administrative: Bioengineering Division (BED)
Level of Award: Division
Selected By: BED Honors Committee
Selecting Process: Nominations from BED technical committees are sent to the BED Honors Committee.
Funding: Custodian account
Date Created: 10/18/2000
Date Modified: 6/6/2011
Contact Name: Michele Grimm
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: 517-355-2179 

Winners of the Richard Skalak Award

Year of Award Paper
1991 G. Zahalak, S. Ma "Muscle activation and contraction: constitutive relations based directly on cross-bridge kinetics" 1990 Feb; 112(1):52-62
1992 S.C. Cowin, A.M. Sedagh, G.M. Luo "An evolutionary Wolff's law for trabecular architecture" 1992 Feb;114(1):129-36
1992 Y.C. Fung, S.Q. Liu "Elementary mechanics of the endothelium of blood vessels" 1993 Feb;115(1):1-12
1994 F.K. Winston, L. Thibault, E.J. Macarak "An analysis of the time-dependent changes in intracellular calcium concentration in endothelial cells in culture induced by mechanical stimulation" 1993 May;115(2):160-8
1995 Y. Huang, D. Rumschitzki, S. Chen, S. Weinbaum "A fiber matrix model for the growth of macromolecular leakage spots in the arterial intima" 1994 Nov;116(4):430-45 
1996 M.D. Buschmann, A.J. Grodzinsky "A molecular model of proteoglycan-associated electrostatic forces in cartilage mechanics" 1995 May;117(2):179-92
1997 P. Pazhayannur, J.C. Bischof "Measurement and simulation of water transport during freezing in mammalian liver tissue" 1997 Jun;119(3):269-77
1998  J.L. Emery, J.H. Omens, A.D. McCulloch "Strain softening in rat left ventricular myocardium" 1997 Feb;119(1):6-12
1999  G.I. Zahalak, V. deLaborderie, J.M. Gucccione "The effects of cross-fiber deformation on axial fiber stress in myocardium" 1999 Aug;121(4):376-85
2000  S.Q. Liu, M.M. Moore, C. Yap "Prevention of mechanical stretch-induced endothelial and smooth muscle cell injury in experimental vein grafts" 2000 Feb;122(1):31-8
2000  B. Morrison III, D.F. Meaney, S.S. Marguiles, T.K. McIntosh "Dynamic mechanical stretch of organotypic brain slice cultures induces differential genomic expression: relationship to mechanical parameters"
2001  F.C. Anderson, M.G. Pandy "Dynamic optimization of human walking" 2001 Oct;123(5):381-90
2002  A. Sverdlik, Y. Lanir "Time-dependent mechanical behavior of sheep digital tendons, including the effects of preconditioning" 2002 Feb;124(1):78-84
2003  Alterations in the mechanical properties of the human chondrocyte pericellular matrix
with osteoarthritis. Alexopoulos LG, Haider MA, Vail TP, Guilak F. J Biomech Eng. 2003 Jun;125(3):323-33. 2004 - E.A. Zamir, L.A. Taber
"On the effects of residual stress in microindentation tests of soft tissue structures"
2004 Apr;126(2):276-83
2005  T.B. Owatverot, S. Oswald, Y. Chen, J.J. Wille, F.C.P. Yin
"Effect of combined cyclic stretch and fluid shear stress on endothelial cell morphological responses"
2005 Jun;127(3):374-82
2006  H.A. Himburg, M.H. Friedman
"Correspondence of low mean shear and high harmonic content in the porcine iliac arteries"
2006 Dec;128(6):852-6
2007  L. Taber, J Zhang, R. Perucchio
"Computational Model for the transition from peristaltic to pulsatile flow in the embryonic heart tube"
2007; 129(3), pp. 441-9
2008  A.C. Laing, S.N. Robinovitch
"The Force Attenuation Provided by Hip Protectors Depends on Impact Velocity, Pelvic Size, and Soft Tissue Stiffness"
2008 Dec;;130(6):061005

 Bumsoo Han, Jeffrey D. Miller, and Jun K. Jung are recipient of the 2009 Skalak Best Paper award.
"Freezing-Induced Fluid-Matrix Interaction in Poroelastic Material,"
2010  Nicholas J. Drury, Benjamin J. Ellis, Jeffery A. Weiss, Patrick J. McMahon, Richard E. Debski
"The impact of Glenoid Labrum Thickness and Modulus on Labrum and Glenohumeral Capsule Fucntion" 
2012  William J. Richardson, Richard P. Metz, Michael R. Moreno, Emily Wilson, and James E. Moore Jr.
“A Device to Study the Effects of Stretch Gradients on Cell Behavior”
J. Biomech. Eng., 2011, Vol. 133(10), 101008
2013  Ravi Namani, Nithya Jesuraj, Guy M. Genin, Philip V. Bayly, Shelley E. Sakiyama-Elbert, Yuan Feng, and Ruth J. Okamoto
“Elastic Characterization of Transversely Isotropic Soft Materials by Dynamic Shear and Asymmetric Indentation”
J. Biomech. Eng., 134(6), p. 061004, 2012 
2014  1 C.B. Arena, R.L. Mahajan, M.N. Rylander, and R.V. Davalos
“An Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Phase Change Electrodes for Therapeutic Irreversible Electroporation”
J Biomech Eng, 135(11), p. 111009 [1]
2015  Yunfei Shi, Jiang Yao, Gang Xu, and Larry A. Taber
“Bending of the Looping Heart: Differential Growth Revisited”
J. Biomech. Eng., 136(8), p. 081002
2016 Chen, J. C., Chua, M., Bellon, R. B., & Jacobs, C. R. (2015). Epigenetic changes during mechanically induced osteogenic lineage commitment. Journal of Biomechanical Engineering, 137(2), 020902.
2017 Davis, M. L., & Scott Gayzik, F. (2016). An objective evaluation of mass scaling techniques utilizing computational human body finite element models. Journal of biomechanical engineering, 138(10).
2018 Steucke, K.E., Win, Z., Stemler, T.R., Walsh, E.E., Hall, J.L., & Alford, P.W. (2017). Empirically Determined Vascular Smooth Muscle Cell Mechano-Adaptation Law. Journal of Biomechanical Engineering, 139(7):071005
2019 Chan, D. D., Knutsen, A. K., Lu, Y. C., Yang, S. H., Magrath, E., Wang, W. T., ... & Pham, D. L. (2018). Statistical characterization of human brain deformation during mild angular acceleration measured in vivo by tagged magnetic resonance imaging. Journal of biomechanical engineering, 140(10), 101005.
2020 Cocciolone, A. J., Johnson, E. O., Shao, J. Y., & Wagenseil, J. E. (2019). Elastic fiber fragmentation increases transmural hydraulic conductance and solute transport in mouse arteries. Journal of Biomechanical Engineering, 141(2).  
2021 Karabulut, D., Dogru, S.C., Lin, Y.-C., Pandy, M.G., Herzog, W., and Y.Z. Arslan (2020). Direct validation of model-predicted muscle forces in the cat hindlimb during locomotion. Journal of Biomechanical Engineering, 142(5).
2022 Eleftheria Michalaki, Zhanna Nepiyushchikh, Josephine M. Rudd, Fabrice C. Bernard, Anish Mukherjee, Jay M. McKinney, Thanh N. Doan, Nick J. Willett, J. Brandon Dixon (2022, submitted 2021). Effect of Human Synovial Fluid From Osteoarthritis Patients and Healthy Individuals on Lymphatic Contractile Activity. Journal of Biomechanical Engineering, 144(7).
2023 Rooks, N.B., Schneider, M.T.Y., Erdemir, A., Halloran, J.P., Laz, P.J., Shelburne, K.B., Hume, D.R., Imhauser, C.W., Zaylor, W., Elmasry, S., Schwartz, A., Chokhandre, S.K., Nohouji, N.A. and Besier, T.F., 2021 (considering papers from 2021 and 2022), “Deciphering the Art in Modeling and Simulation of the Knee Joint: Variations in Model”, ASME J Biomech Eng., 143(6)

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