Outstanding Conference Session

ASME Unit: Pressure Vessels and Piping Division (PVP)
Date Established: 1986
Achievement: Outstanding technical session at each PVPD annual meeting
Limitations: One technical session
Nomination Deadline: May 1
Form of Award: Certificate
Frequency of Award: Annual
Administrative: Pressure Vessels and Piping (PVP) Division
Level of Award: Division
Selected By: PVP Division
Selecting Process: Technical Committees and Special Technical Committees select outstanding technical sessions and forward them to the Technical Program Chair of PVP Conference, who then submits the recommendation to the Honors Committee and the Executive Committee for app
Funding: Division General Fund
Date Created: 10/21/2000
Date Modified: 11/19/2009
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Outstanding Conference Session Recipients

1993 D.P. Jones
1994 W.R. Warke
D.L. Bagnoli
A. Onyewuenyi
1996 R.W. Warde
1997 W.J. O'Donnell
1998 V.V. Kudriavtsev
C.R. Kleijn
S. Kawano
1999 M. J. Pettigrew
M. P. Paidoussis
M. K. Au-Yang
2000 Don R. Metzger
2001 W.C. Holston
E.J. Sullivan
2002 C.S. Tsai
2003 D.P. Jones
2004 H. Kockelmann
T. Sawa
H. Bouzid
2005 M. E. Nitzel
2006 Noel O'Dowd
Frederick W. Brust

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