Albert (Al) Woelfel Best Mechanical Engineering Achievement (BMEA) Innovation Award at OTC

BMEA Innovation Award is an award that is given in addition to or in place of the Best Mechanical Engineering Achievement Award when a submitted technology shows Innovation in its creation for the industry. This innovation award is for significant contribution in the field of petroleum and mechanical engineering.

Download the application for the BMEA Award competition: Download Application

ASME Unit: Petroleum Division
Date Established: 1996
Achievement: To a company or organization for outstanding petroleum mechanical achievement displayed at the Offshore Technology Conference.
Limitations: Must be an exhibitor at the current Offshore Technology Conference
Nomination Deadline: 4/1
Form of Award: Plaque
Frequency of Award: Annual
Administrative: Petroleum Division
Level of Award: Division
Selected By: The Petroleum Division Judging Panel which is comprised of past and present Petroleum Division Executive Committee Members. The panel is always an odd number of members to assure no ties.
Selecting Process: OTC Exhibitors are informed of the award and given an opportunity to apply a relevant mechanical engineering technology presented at OTC. The submitted technologies are reviewed by the Committee of Judges. The top 4 technologies are selected for a preliminary review or presentation of the technology to the Judging Panel at OTC. The judges select the top technology for an award at the Best Mechanical Engineering Achievement Awards Banquet where they will be awarded a plaque. All finalists' technologies are celebrated with a video and award.
Funding: Petroleum Division
Date Created: 1996
Date Modified: 3/28/2001
Contact Name: Jamie Hart
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: 281-810-5453

Al Woelfel Mechanical Innovation Award Recipients

2024 TBD
2023 2023 BMEA Innovation Winner – AQUATEC - PIPEguardian™
2022 Aquatec Group, KINEKtron®
Oxford Flow LTD, ES Series Actuated Valve
2021 No award
2020 No award
2019 AFGlobal Corporation Active Control Device (ACD)
2018 Achievement Award Only
2017 TechnipFMC – TechnipFMC’s 15K 400°F HPHT Subsea Production System
2016 Skoflo Industries - Subsea Back Pressure Regulator
2015 Achievement Award Only
2014 FMC Technologies for Offshore Loading Arm Footless (OLAF)
2013 Achievement Award Only
2012 Achievement Award Only
2011 Deep Down, Inc. for 3,400 Ton Umbilical Carousel
2010 Achievement Award Only
2009 Achievement Award Only
2008 Versabar
2007 DES, A Wholly Owned Subsidiary of Cameron
2006 Kalsi Engineering
2005 SEACON Advanced Products
2004 Remora Technology
2003 Westech Heavy Machinery Division, A Control Flow Company
2002 SPM Flow Control
2001 Big Inch Marine Systems, Inc.
1998 Francis Torque
1997 Achievement Award Only
1996 DPI

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