O.L. (Andy) Lewis Award

ASME Unit: Petroleum Division
Date Established: 1979
Achievement: Technical and/or administrative contributions to the Petroleum Division through leadership in committee work over a sustained length of time.
Limitations: The recipient must be an ASME member and have registered interest in the Petroleum Division by serving at least five years on a general committee. No current Member or Executive Committee can be nominated.
Nomination Deadline:  
Form of Award: Plaque
Frequency of Award: Annual
Administrative: Petroleum Division
Level of Award: Division
Selected By: Petroleum Division Executive Committee
Selecting Process: Ballots on nominees by the Petroleum Division Executive Committee
Funding: Petroleum Division
Date Created: 11/8/2000
Date Modified: 7/1/2004
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O.L. (Andy) Lewis Award Recipients

1995 Ibrahim Konuk
1996 Jim Regan
1997 Frank Adamek
1998 Edmund J. Seiders
1999 Adel Tawfik

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