Meritorious Service Award

ASME Unit: Internal Combustion Engine Division (ICED)
Date Established: 1968
Achievement: Loyal service, guidance, leadership and worthy contributions to the progress of the ICE Division.
Limitations: Must be member of Internal Combustion Engine Division, maintain good attendance, exhibit guidance and leadership in Division activities.
Nomination Deadline: 5/1
Form of Award: Certificate--usually laminated onto a walnut board
Frequency of Award: Annual
Administrative: Internal Combustion Engine Division
Level of Award: Division
Selected By: ICE Division Honors and Awards Committee
Selecting Process: Nominations are screened and approved by the ICE Honors and Awards Committee members.
Funding: ICE Division Custodian Account
Date Created: 10/18/2000
Date Modified: 5/5/09
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Meritorious Service Award Recipients

1995 Carl L. McClung
Terry L. Ullman
Anthony H. Siegel
Stuart R. Bell 
1996 James B. Culp
David B. Field
Melvin J. Helmich
P.K. Subramanyan
1997 Dennis N. Assanis
Joseph R. Barcroft
Peter C. Enslin
Steven G. Fritz
Reda M. Bata
1998 A.H. (Tony) Siegel
Frank Aboujaoude
1999 Bernard G. Richards
Raj Sekar

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