Mechanics Award

ASME Unit: Electronic & Photonic Packaging Division (EPPD)
Date Established: 1994
Achievement: Excellence in the area of engineering and science of Structural Mechanics of electronic systems. Some of the key areas to be considered (one or more of these areas may be sufficient for a successful nomination)for the nominee include:
Limitations: The award is only given to an individual one time
Nomination Deadline: 9/30
Form of Award: Plaque
Frequency of Award: Annual
Administrative: EPPD
Level of Award: Division
Selected By: EPPD Awards Committee
Selecting Process: The process will be initiated by the awards committee chair Request for nominations from the awards committee chair to the membership at large by May 15th. (Sample letter request for nominations) All nominations must be accompanied by a full resume and a 1 page summary matching the criteria mentioned above to the candidate accomplishments. Close nomination window by July 30th Awards committee to recommend candidates suitable for the awards to the executive committee by August 15th Executive committee vote and selection of the winner by August 30th. Winner notified by Chair of the Ex-com Award plaque to be presented to the winner at the IMECE if possible (if the winner is attending) otherwise mailed to him
Funding: Custodial Account
Date Created: 12/8/2008
Date Modified: 1/24/2013
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Mechanics Award Recipients

1994 Peter Engel
1996 John Lau
1998 Dimitri Grabbi
2000 Bernd Michel
2002 Ryszard Pryputniewicz
2004 Andrew Tay
2005 Ganesh Subbarayan
2006 Jianmin Qu
2007 Yung-Cheng Lee
2008 Ricky Lee
2009 Prof. Jeffery Suhling
2010 Jointly awarded to Prof. Ifeanyi Charles Ume and Prof. Abhijit Dasgupta
2011 Prof. Cemal Basaran
2012 Suresh Sitaraman
2013 Pradeep Lall
2014 Krishna Darbha
2015 Prof. Bongtae Han
2016 Dr. Ephraim Suhir
2017 Dr. William T. Chen
2018 Prof. S.B. Park
2019 Abhijit Chandra
2020 Ravi V. Mahajan
2021 Prof. Kuo-Ning Chiang
2023 Douglas DeVoto

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