K.L. Johnson Award

ASME Unit: Tribology Division (TRIB)
Date Established: 2006
Achievement: Paper Judged as the best published by Technical Journal Of Tribology (JOT) in the area of contact mechanics during the previous year.
Nomination Deadline: 5/1
Form of Award: Certificate and $500 honorarium sponsored by The Timken Company
Frequency of Award: Annual
Administrative: Tribology Division
Level of Award: Division
Selected By: Contact Mechanics Technical Committee
Selecting Process: All contact Mechanics papers published in the previous years JOT are reviewed by the contact Mechanics Technical Committee.
Funding: Tribology Division Custodian Account and the Timken Company
Date Created: 12/9/2008
Date Modified: 10/24/2012
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K.L. Johnson Award Recipients

2006 Matthew B. Marshall, Roger Lewis, Rob Dwyer-Joyce, Ulf Olofsson, and Stefan Bjorklund
2007 Andreas Polycarpou and Xi Shi
2008 Andrey Ovcharenko, Gregory Halperin, and Izhak Etsion
2009 Yu-Chiao Wu and George G. Adams
2010 David Hills, A. Sackfield, and RJ. H. Paynter
2011 N. Weinzapfel, F. Sadeghi, and V. Bakolas
2012 S. Medina, A. Olver, and D. Dini

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