K16 Clock Award

ASME Unit: Heat Transfer Division (HTD)
Date Established: 1995
Achievement: Recognized Outstanding and continuing contributions to the science and engineering of heat transfer in electronics.
Limitations: Avoid giving the K16 award as well as the Allan Kraus Award or other EPPD award transfer to the same person in the same year: The winner of the K16 clock award is not eligible for nomination to the EPPD award in the same year.
Nomination Deadline: 7/31
Form of Award: (Standard certificate, Honorarium, etc ..) Standard certificate Award Certificate/Clock
Frequency of Award: Annual
Administrative: Heat Transfer Division and Electronics Packaging and Photonics Division
Level of Award: Division
Selected By: Awarded jointly by the EPPD and the K16 Committee on Heat Transfer in Electronic Systems. The K-16 Chair or his/her representative will be appointed yearly to serve in the EPPD award committee. The K-16 representative will be actively managing the selection process of the clock award and recommend the names to the EPPD award committee for approval.
Selecting Process:

The Clock award is a service award for the outgoing K-16 Chair. This is as a result of his/her contribution to the committee and the division. In that case, the K-16 Chair will forward the name in July to the EPPD executive committee and EPPD award committee to arrange the award recognition during IMECE conference or other ASME event.

If there is no a change of the chair of the K16 committee the award will be given to the individual who has an outstanding and continuing contributions to the science and engineering of heat transfer in electronics. This person should also be active in the K-16 and EPPD activities. It is suggested to have this award to recognize individuals who are serving as Editor or Associate Editors in the Journal of Electronic Packaging, the general chair and technical chairs of InterPACK conference, the Track leaders of K-16 and EPPD who serve in IMECE and summer heat transfer conference given that the individual has an outstanding contributions in the thermal management of electronics.

For information on nominations, visit the ASME Unit Award Nominations Page.

Date Created: 12/8/2008
Date Modified: 1/24/2013
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K16 Clock Award Recipients

1995 Ephraim Suhir
1996 Avi Bar-Cohen
1997 Bob Simons
1998 Rich Wirtz
1999 Dereje Agonafer
2000 Michael Yovanovich
2001 Al Ortega
2002 Roger Schmidt
2003 Richard Chu
2004 Cristina Amon
2005 Bahgat Sammakia
2006 Don Price
2007 Suresh Garimella
2008 Yogendra Joshi & Sushil Bhavnani
2009 Michael J. Ellsworth, Jr.
2010 Masaru Ishizuka
2011 Amy Fleischer
2012 Jayathi Murthy
2013 Gamal Refai-Ahmad
2015 Samuel Graham
2016 Sandeep Tonapi
2017 Victor Chiriac
2018 Mehmet Arik and Sreekant Narumanchi
2019 SB Park
2020 Satish Kumar
2021 Peter de Bock

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