Global Pipeline Award

A project, product, device, system, service, approach or other can receive the award.

The GPA recognizes the pipeline technology innovation process in all phases; from the research laboratory through field applications; from technology incubators to development of markets for new products; from government agencies to private companies; and from individual projects to the consolidation of research and development results.

The PSD intends that the Award: promotes progress and international cooperation in the field of Pipeline Systems engineering;
supports achievements in pipeline engineering education; encourages the timely exchange of information among researchers and engineers; promotes technical activities, including conferences, in the field of Pipeline Technology;

promotes safety and the public welfare;
promotes global environment preservation;
and promotes public recognition of the pipeline industry.

ASME Pipeline Systems Division Global Pipeline Award Application

ASME Unit: Pipeline Systems Division
Date Established: 2005
Achievement: Global Pipeline Medal
Limitations: Awarded at either the International Pipeline Conference (even years) or the Rio Pipeline Conference (odd years).
Nomination Deadline: June 15, 2023  July 10, 2023
Form of Award: Trophy
Frequency of Award: Annual
Administrative: Pipeline Systems Division
Level of Award: Division
Selected By: Pipeline Systems Division Executive and Extended Executive Committees
Selecting Process: Nominations accepted, reviewed and selected by vote
Funding: Pipeline Systems Division
Date Created: 2005
Date Modified: 4/2012
Contact Name: Kim Miceli
Contact Email:
Comtact Phone: 281-810-5455

Award History:
2023 Equinor ASA Method for laying a pipeline having an inner corrosion proof cladding
2022 NDT Global PROTON – Phased Array In-Line Inspection Platform
2021 TC Energy Plausible Profile (Psqr) Model for Metal-loss Corrosion Assessment
2019 COPPE/UFRJ Subsea Technology Laboratory (LTS)
2018 TransCanada Management of Axial Cracking Threats with EMAT
2017 TD Williamson Mechanical Damage Prioritization via the Multiple Datasets (MDS) Inline Inspection Platform
2016 Enbridge Enbridge Southern Manitoba Slope Remediation Project
ROSEN Group for RoMat PGS - ILI solution for Pipe Grade Determination
Penspen and Northumbria University
The MSc in Pipeline Integrity Management – An On-line Distance Learning Academic Programme 
Petrochina Pipeline Company and Institute of Chemistry Chinese Academy of Sciences
Research on technologies for the preparation and application of nanometric pour point depressant in waxy crude oils.
Petrochina Pipeline
Application of Inline inspection technology and feature assessment for spiral weld defects in pipeline integrity management.
Liderroll Project for PLANGAS
Technip Cyrogenic Pipe-in-Pipe Technology Featuring Hess LNG's Weaver Cove Energy Project
Offshore Standard for Submarine Pipeline Systems, Oct. 2007 and the associated recommended practices
Ontario pipeline project, including the first commercial application of high-strength X100 steel pipe at The 18-kilometre (11-mile) Deux-Rivières Loop and the 19.7-kilometre (12.2-mile) Stittsville Loop
"Snake Feeler Pig: The Simple Way to Detect Internal Corrosion and Size" for an innovative tool for inspecting oil and gas pipelines, capable of producing a mapping of internal corrosion with high resolution.
Petrobras’ Agro-ecological Family Farming Project along Pipeline Stretches (Right of Way), launched in Brazil in December 2005.
Peerless Lake and Godin Lake Technology Loop Pipeline Project


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