Global Pipeline Award

A project, product, device, system, service, approach or other can receive the award.

The GPA recognizes the pipeline technology innovation process in all phases; from the research laboratory through field applications; from technology incubators to development of markets for new products; from government agencies to private companies; and from individual projects to the consolidation of research and development results.

The PSD intends that the Award: promotes progress and international cooperation in the field of Pipeline Systems engineering;
supports achievements in pipeline engineering education; encourages the timely exchange of information among researchers and engineers; promotes technical activities, including conferences, in the field of Pipeline Technology;

promotes safety and the public welfare;
promotes global environment preservation;
and promotes public recognition of the pipeline industry.

For additional information and application visit: Pipeline Systems Division and view the Pipeline Division Awards page.

ASME Unit: Pipeline Systems Division
Date Established: 2005
Achievement: Global Pipeline Medal
Limitations: Awarded at either the International Pipeline Conference (even years) or the Rio Pipeline Conference (odd years).
Nomination Deadline: For submission deadline information visit the Global Pipeline Award webpage.
Form of Award: Trophy
Frequency of Award: Annual
Administrative: Pipeline Systems Division
Level of Award: Division
Selected By: Pipeline Systems Division Executive and Extended Executive Committees
Selecting Process: Nominations accepted, reviewed and selected by vote
Funding: Pipeline Systems Division
Date Created: 2005
Date Modified: 4/2012
Contact Name: Kim Miceli
Contact Email:
Comtact Phone: 281-810-5455

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