Fluids Machinery Design Award

ASME Unit: Fluids Engineering Division (FED)
Date Established: 1980
Achievement: Excellence in the design of machinery involving significant fluid mechanics principles, which benefits mankind as exemplified by product use within the past decade.
Limitations: The criteria for the Award are: 1) Fluid Machine-The design must be such that fluid mechanics is a significant factor in its operation; 2) Usefulness-The Design must have as its objective benefits
Nomination Deadline: December 31
Form of Award: Plaque
Frequency of Award: Biannual
Administrative: Fluids Engineering Division (FED)
Level of Award: Division
Selected By: Fluids Engineering Division Honors Committee
Selecting Process: The Fluids Engineering Division Honors Committee solicits nominations from all ASME members via the FED Newsletter and from all FED Technical Committees and Groups. Nominations are reviewed by the FED Honors Committee. The Fluids Machinery Design Award honors excellence in the design of fluid machinery biennially in even-numbered years. For information on nominations, visit the ASME Unit Award Nominations Page.
Funding: Fluids Engineering Division custodial account
Date Created: 10/18/2012
Date Modified: 10/24/2012
Contact Name: Ivana Milanovic, Ph.D.
Contact Email: milanovic@hartford.edu
Comtact Phone: 860-768-4325


1981  Warren G. Whippen
1991  Paul Cooper
1993  Widen Tabakoff
1997  Warren Wade
1999  Raymond B. Furst
2000  Sankaraiyer Gopalakrishan
2004  Jinkook Lee
2006  Bruno Schiavello
2008  Yu-Tai Lee
2012  Leroy H. Smith
2016  Akira Goto
2022 Ramesh Agarwal

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