Eckart Service Award

ASME Unit: Petroleum Division
Date Established: 1978
Achievement: Outstanding service to the Petroleum Division as an operating committee chair, vice chair, developer or on an administrative committee.
Limitations: Recipient must be an ASME member and a member of a general committee.
Nomination Deadline: 5/1
Form of Award: Plaque
Frequency of Award: No Limit
Administrative: Petroleum Division
Level of Award: Division
Selected By: Petroleum Division Executive Committee
Selecting Process: Ballot of the Petroleum Division Executive Committee
Funding: Petroleum Division
Date Created: 11/8/2000
Date Modified: 3/15/2000
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Winners of the Eckart Service Award

1995  I. Ellui
1995  D. Hurley
1995  S. Khurana
1995  B. Shrake
1995  I. Ellui
1995  D. Hurley
1995  S. Khurana
1995  B. Shrake
1996  Wilhelm Rossak
1996  Kenneth Zipp
1997  Houshang Masadi
1997  Su-Seng Pang
1997  Karan Surana
1998  Kenneth J. Fewel
1998  Bobby Grimes
1998  Jim Liou
1998  Marina Smith
1998  Michael Williams
1999  James Brill

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