Best Paper Award

ASME Unit: Electronic & Photonic Packaging Division (EPPD)
Date Established: Fiscal Year 2003 and Prior Years
Achievement: Award for best JEP paper for the past Journal Fiscal Year (June to June)
  • Must be a Full technical report (e.g. not technical brief)
  • Minimum 2 reviewers
  • No rejects from any reviewers
  • Less than1 marginal review (A-) out of 3 reviews or no marginal reviews if only 2 reviewers.
Nomination Deadline: 9/830
Form of Award: Plaque
Frequency of Award: Annual
Administrative: EPPD
Level of Award: Division
Selected By:  
Selecting Process: Send out inquiry to all JEP AE'/s for their best papers reviewed (see sample request below) by June 15 After all nominations received, copies of the nominated papers (typically 4-10) are sent to AE for their rating. They select the three best papers. All responses due by July 15th. The paper with the highest total is selected. Complete by August 15th.
Funding: Custodial Account
Date Created: 12/8/2008
Date Modified: 11/19/2009
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Contact Email:  
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Winners of the Best Paper Award

2023 Tong Wei, Alireza Ganjali, Omidreza Ghaffari, Chady Al-Sayed, Luc Fréchette, and Julien Sylvestre    
2022 Ali Heydari, Pardeep Shahi, 
Vahideh Radmard, Uschas Chowdhury, Satyam Saini, 
Pratik Bansode, Harold Miyamura, Bahareh Eslami, 
Dereje Agonafer, Jeremy Rodriguez, 
2021 Jin Cui, Liang Pan, Justin Weibel    
2020 Patrick Gaiser, Markus Klingler, Jürgen Wilde    
2019 Hannes Greve, Ali Moeini, Patrick McCluskey, Shailesh Joshi    
2018 Yasuo Takahashi, Hiroki Fukuda, Yasuhiro Yoneshima, Hideki Kitamura, Masakatsu Maeda    
2017 Santosh Sankarasubramanian, Jaime Cruz, Kyle Yazzie, Vaasavi Sundar, Vijay Subramanian, Tsgereda Alazar, Sivakumar Yagnamurthy, Edvin Cetegen, David McCoy and Pramod Malatkar    
2016 Thomas Brunschwiler, Arvind Sridhar, Chin Lee Ong, and Gerd Schlottig    
2007/2008 Siddharth Bhopte    
2006/2007: EP-05-1041 Van P. Carey, Amip J. Shah The Exergy Cost of Information Processing - A Comparison of Computer-Based Technologies and Biological Systems Journal of Electronic Packaging, December 2006
2005/2006: EP-04-1146 Issa, Ortega Experimental Measurements of the Flow and Heat Transfer of a Square Jet Impinging on an Array of Square Pin Fins Journal of Electronic Packaging, March 2006
2003/2004: EP-03-xxxx Narumanchi, Amon, Murthy Influence of pulsating submerged liquid jets on chip-level thermal phenomena Journal of Electronic Packaging, September 2003

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