Best Paper Award

ASME Unit: Tribology Division (TRIB)
Date Established: 1974
Achievement: Paper judged as the best of all papers accepted to the Journal of Tribology (JOT) during the previous year.
Limitations: none
Nomination Deadline: 7/1
Form of Award: Certificate
Frequency of Award: Annual
Administrative: Tribology Division
Level of Award: Division
Selected By: Editorial Board of the JOT and the Honors and Awards Chair of the Tribology Division
Selecting Process: All papers accepted for the previous year'/s JOT are reviewed by the JOT Editorial Board and the Honors and Awards Chair of the Tribology Division.
Funding: Tribology Division Custodian Account
Date Created: 10/18/2000
Date Modified: 10/23/2012
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Winners of the Best Paper Award (TRIB)

2016 Xiaomong Tong, Alan Palazzolo, Junho Suh 2004 Armando Felix Quinonez, Pascal Ehret, Jonathan Summers

T.J. Zolper, P. Shiller, M. Jungk, T.J. Marks, Y-W Chung,
A. Greco, G. Doll, B. Lotfizadeh Dehkordi, Q. Wang

2003 Doug F. Wang, Koji Kato, H.R. Le, M.P.F. Sutcliffe
2014 Alan Palazzolo, Junho Suh 2002 Ivan Iordanoff, Bertrand Seve, Yves Berthier
2013 Shangwu Xiong, Qian Jane Wang 2001 M. Kotzalas, T. Harris
2012 Kyuho Sim, Jangwon Lee, Yong-Bok Lee, Tae Ho Kim 2000 L. Shan, J. Levert, L. Meade, J. Tichy, S. Danyluk
2011 Tae Ho Kim, Luis San Andres 1999 P. Ehret, D. Dowson, C.M. Taylor
2010 H. Yu, R. Ahmed, H. de Villiers Lovelock, S. Davies 1998 J. Sugimura, W.R. Jones, H.A. Spikes
2008 Francis E Kennedy, Douglas W. Van Citters,
Khanittha Wongseedakaew, Mongkol Mongkolwongrojn
1997 H. Matsuoka, T. Kato
2007 Guy Bayada, Sébastien Martin, Carlos Vázquez 1996 Y. Mitsuya, Y. Kawabe, L. Lunde
2006 Yun-Bo Yi 1995 Y. Mitsuya, A. Mitsui, Y. Kawabe, L. Lunde
2005 Guy Bayada, Sebastien Martin, Carlos Vasquez    

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