Arthur Lubinski OTC Best Paper Award

Arthur Lubinski
The Arthur Lubinski Best Paper Award recognizes the best paper presented at the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC).

The namesake of this award, Arthur Lubinski, was a Belgium native who graduated in 1934 with a degree in ingenieur civil mecanicien et electricien. He moved to the United States in 1947. In the early 1950s, Arthur dedicated his work to the behavior and performance of oil well tubulars (i.e. well casings and drill pipes). Arthur’s findings eventually formed standard industry practice. He served on the Mohole Project’s drilling panel and the Deep-Sea Drilling Project. His collective works covering a wide range of topics have been printed in a two-volume set.

Arthur was a fellow of ASME and a distinguished member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers. These and other professional societies jointly sponsor the OTC. In 1976, he received the OTC Distinguished Achievement Award for Individuals.

ASME Unit: Petroleum Division
Date Established: 1982
Achievement: Best Petroleum Mechanical Engineering paper presented at the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) in Houston, Texas.  The purpose of this achievement award is to encourage the highest standards of quality at the Offshore Technology Conference.
Limitations: Must be a Mechanical Engineering paper presented at the Offshore Technology Conference.
Form of Award: Plaque
Frequency of Award: Annual
Administrative: Petroleum Division
Level of Award: Division
Selected By: ASME-OTC Program Committee
Selecting Process: Once the technical papers are finalized for that year of OTCH, the list of Mechanical Engineering Papers is provided for review by the ASME OTC Subcommittee members along with a scoring sheet. The subcommittee members rate the top 10 papers and provide their scoresheet to ASME staff who compiles and tallies all responses for the winner of the award. The winner is notified and asked to attend the Best Mechanical Engineering Achievement Awards Banquet where they will be awarded a plaque.
Funding: Petroleum Division
Date Created: 11/8/2000
Date Modified: 3/15/2001
Contact Name: Jamie Hart
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: 821-810-5453

Winners of the Arthur Lubinski Best Paper Award at OTC

2023 "API 17TR8 – HPHT Design Guideline for Subsea Equipment – A Focus onFatigue"    (OTC-32329-MS)    Authors:  H. Brian Skeels, TechnipFMC; F. Earl Shanks and Russell M. Hoshman, Department of Interior – BSEE
2022 "Dynamic Operations For Wax Removal, A Challenge On Pre-salt Oil Wells"    (OTC- 31989 -MS)     Authors:  Helena Maria Borja Veiga, TOTAL ENERGIES E&P do Brasil and Carole German, TOTAL ENERGIES E&P do Brasil
2021 No Award
2020 No Award
2019 "Real-Time Subsea Hydrate Management in the World's Longest Subsea Tieback"     (OTC-29232-MS)     Authors:  Christophe Vielliard, OneSubsea, a Schlumberger company; Keith C. Hester, Francesco Roccaforte, and Alberto G. Di Lullo, Eni; Luca Assecondi, Hesham H. Elkhafif, and Amr Ewis, Petrobel; Sameh Sabbagh, Enppi; Harald Solheim and Alexandre Lupeau, OneSubsea, a Schlumberger company
2018 “A Novel Approach to Generating A Hurricane Database For The Gulf Of Mexico Based On Numerical Weather Prediction Models” (OTC-28909-MS) Authors: Juan Liria*, Henrique Coelho, Dave Sproson, Paulo Martinho, Cody Webb, Fernando Oropeza, Jill Bradon, Rosemary Smith, Zhong Peng Fugro – Fugro House, Hithercroft Road, Wallingford, OX10 9RB, UK
2017 “Hydrate Management for Systems with High Salinity Brines at Ultra-High Pressures” (OTC-27913-MS) Authors: Amadeu K. Sum*, Yue Hu, Bo Ram Lee, Colorado School of Mines; Prasad Karanjkar, ConocoPhillips; Joseph Gomes, Greg Kusinski, DeepStar®
2016 “Deepwater Hydrate Plug Remediation Using Gas Lift - A Unique Approach; Novel Application of Fundamental Physics” (OTC27146 ) Authors: Rebello
2015 “Next Generation HPHT Subsea Wellhead Systems Design Challenges and Opportunities” (OTC 25643) Authors: Jim Kaculi
2014 “Subsea Wellhead and Riser Fatigue Monitoring in a Strong Surface and Submerged Current Environment” (OTC 25403) Authors: Scot McNeil, Puneet Agarwal, Dan Kluk, Kenneth Bhalla, Ron Young, Steve Burman, Stergios Liapis, saurabh Jain, Vikas Jhingran, Stephen Hodges, Early Denison
2013 “Design Guideline Strategies for HPHT Equipment” (OTC 23943) Authors: H. Brian Skeels, Kwok Lun Lee, Anand Venkatesh, FMC Technologies
2012 "Compact Separation Technologies and their Applicability for Subsea Field Development in Deepwater" (OTC 23223) Authors: A. Hannisdal, R.Westra, M. R Akdim, A. Bymaster, E. Grave, D.Teng
2011 “Field validation and learning of the Parque das Conchas (BC-10) Subsea Processing System and Flow Assurance Design” (OTC21611) Authors: C. Deuel, Y.D. Chin, J. Harris, J. Germanese and N. Seunsom
2010 “FDPSOs: The New Reality, and a Game-Changing Approach to Field Development and Early Production Systems” (OTC 20482) Authors: W. David Harris, Harry J Howard, Kenneth C. Hampshire, of Murphy West Africa, Ltd.; Jeffrey A. Moore, P.E., Kenneth J. Bayne, of Doris, Inc.; Jean Pepin-Lehalleur, of Doris Engineering
2009 John C. McCarthy & David J. Buttle of MAPS Technology Ltd.
2008 P.A. Brown, E. Rooduijn and M Lemoël, Single Buoy Moorings Inc.; and G. Stone, Murphy Sabah Oil Co., Ltd
2007 Robert D. Blevins, Consultant and Mason Wu, Acergy
2006 J.K. Vandiver, S. Swithenbank, and V. Jaiswal of MIT and H. Marcollo of AMOG Consulting,
2005 R. McInnes, FMCTI; R.S. Arnold, Proforma PSI LLC; D.R. Wieczorek and B. Brooks, FMCTI,
2004 Y. Doreen Chin and Xuegeng Wang (Aker Kvaerner, Inc.)
2002 Hugh M. Thompson (ChevronTexaco), Fred W. Grealish (MCS International), Ron D. Young (Stress Engineering Services, Inc.), H. Ken Wang (Stress Engineering Services, Inc.)
2001 G. V. Lever (Petro-Canada), B. Dunsmore (Halliburton Brown & Root), J. R. Keen (Petro-Canada)
2000 Robert L. Byers (Reading & Bates Development Co.), Richard E. Trevitt (Total Offshore Production Systems), William R. Philber (INTEC Engineering, Inc.)
1999 T.S. Taylor, T. Pendlington, R. Bird (BP Amoco)
1998 Mike Williams, Jim Hale
1997 Carl Langner, Bharat Shah
1996 J.E. Hall, W.Z. Sheng, M.J. Krenek, L.D. Couglas, and A.M. MacFarlane, Amoco Liuhau
1995 R. Swanson, V. Rao, C. Langer, G. Venkmatargman (Shell Dev.)
1994 J. Johnson (Oryx) M. Dacosta, R. Terrell (FMC) C. Burton (Intec)
1993 Egil Eide, R. A. Colmer
1992 R. H. Gunderson, A. Stevenson, J. A. Harris, Gahagan, T. Wimon
1991 Ga. Z. Forristall, R. S. Mercier, R D. Larrabee
1990 B. Baugh, W. S. Tillinghast
1989 S. J. Harding, Hugh Banon
1988 D. G. Clarke, A. S. Warne
1987 I. H. Brooks
1986 R. E. Frishmuth
1985 J. E. Miller, R. D. Young
1984 M. B. Allen, L. C. Eichberger TIE WITH M. Sakai, N. Nakazawa, T. Ono, H. Sarki
1983 J. K. Vandiver

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