A Board of Governors (BOG) chosen from the Society’s membership presides over the activities of the Society, subject to the limitations of the Constitution and By-Laws and Society Policies. A Nominating Committee selects a slate of qualified nominees annually for election to serve as President and Board of Governors Members-at-Large.


Bryan A. Erler

Bryan A. Erler

“ASME has a historic opportunity for engineers to serve the world; we have the chance to reach out to new constituencies in new ways, even as we serve our traditional stakeholders.” - Bryan A. Erler


Richard Laudenat Immediate Past President
Richard Laudenat
Thomas Costabile Executive Director/CEO
Thomas Costabile
Mahantesh Hiremath President-Elect​
Mahantesh Hiremath
Todd Allen Todd Allen
Term: 2019–2022
Andrew Bicos Andrew Bicos
Term 2020–2023
Joe Fowler Joe Fowler
Term 2018–2021
Laura Hitchcock Laura Hitchcock
Term: 2019–2022
Thomas Kurfess Thomas Kurfess
Term: 2019–2022
Richard Marboe Richard Marboe
Term 2020–2023
Michael Molnar Michael Molnar
Term 2018–2021
Karen Ohland Karen Ohland
Term 2020–2021
Paul Stevenson Paul Stevenson
Term 2020–2023

Society Officers

Robert N. Pangborn Secretary/Treasurer Robert N. Pangborn
John Delli Venneri Assistant Secretary/General Counsel John Delli Venneri
William Garofalo Chief Financial Officer William Garofalo

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